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Findings of East Timor Coffee Research

At its heart, fair trade is about nurturing long term trade relationships with those disadvantaged by mainstream trade. Fair trade is building a system based on mutual support and fairness.  Tradewinds’ current focus is on growing stronger relationships with coffee producers in East Timor (Timor-Leste).

Associated with this, three Tradewinds volunteers and University academics, Brett Inder, Katy Cornwell and David Lloyd, have been part of a large research project on the incomes and welfare of poor coffee producers in East Timor.  They interviewed over 800 coffee households, and many industry people.

Some striking findings

  • The average coffee-producing household lives on 31 cents per person per day.
  • In Timor-Leste, coffee yields per hectare are among the lowest in the world, about 20% of the global average for small-holder producers. 
  • Because coffee is an annual harvest, coffee farmers receive most of their income at one time of year.  In the non-harvest time, known as the "hungry months", 50% of households eat one meal per day (or less).

Research Conclusions

  • Poor coffee farmers need training and support from local people they trust, with a focus on improving yields and diversifying incomes.
  • Paying a higher price would give the economic incentives needed to enable significant improvements in yield and much higher incomes for farmers