Group buyers

We’ve made it super easy for groups to buy from Tradewinds. Whether you’re a community co-operative, a neighbourhood house, a church, mosque or synagogue, an Oxfam group, a school or an office collective, you can benefit from our group buying portal. In fact even a group of friends can sign up to use our group buying if you want.

The main benefits to you are:

  • easy ordering,
  • 10% discount for all group members' orders (using your unique group code),
  • free postage
  • and easy administration, so you can easily distribute your goods once they arrive.

Who can use the Group Buyer feature?

We classify you as a group if:

  • you buy on behalf of multiple individuals.
  • you want all your orders shipped to the one address for distribution.
  • you are not a business customer.
  • you would like to reap the rewards of free postage and rewards vouchers.

The way it works:

  1. The group co-ordinator sets up a group account with us (using the sign up form below). If you're already a Tradewinds customer, get in touch and we'll set your account up for the group.
  2. We activate your account and contact you with all the information you need to get started.
  3. You invite members to join your group giving them simple information.
  4. Members create their own customer accounts and use the group name and address as an identifier.

Your group is now ready to go.  

Most groups have a regular routine of ordering (say once per month), but you can organise order timing to suits your group.  Here's what happens when the time to order is approaching:

  1. The Group Co-ordinator sets an order cut-off date and informs the group members and Tradewinds.
  2. Members of the group place and pay for their orders online, before the cut-off date.
  3. After the cut-off date Tradewinds collates all your group orders and sends the order to the Group’s Shipping address for distribution.

Download a simple to follow flowchart of this process

Of course, if you prefer the group co-ordinator to enter all the orders for the group as one consolidated order, that is fine by us.  The main benefit of having each group member order is to save work for the co-ordinator, and to make payment simpler.