On your shelves

  • On your shelves

    Some really good reasons to stock Tradewinds tea and coffee

    Okay, so we’re not that good at blowing our own trumpet, but there are a few great reasons to stock our products:

    • we've been supporting producers for nearly 40 years, to grow and process the finest tea and coffee.
    • we're committed to building long term relationships with our Australian partners and supporting you to grow an impactful business.
    • we’re an Australian not-for-profit, run primarily by volunteers, so you know that we really do put people before profits.
    • we're super proud of our beautiful new packaging. Our Timor-Leste coffee comes in simple and stylish WithOneBean packaging.

    What sort of marketing support do we provide?

    We’re always looking for ways to help our stockists spread the better-than-fair message. We can provide you with:

    • point of sale materials.
    • brochures and posters.
    • samples to share with your customers.
    • participation at local events and community activities.

    Something we missed?

    If there’s anything we’ve missed or you’re not quite ready to click the wholesale signup button yet, please give us a call on 1300 755 228. Fiona, our Customer Experience Manager, will be happy to help.