Our Producer Partners


At Tradewinds, we realised early on in our journey that campaigning and educating were not enough to directly impact on the lives of tea and coffee families in producer communities. We wanted to have real projects we could invest in for the long term, which would make a difference from day one. We also wanted to show Australian consumers that it WAS possible to change trade to make it fairer for producers in developing countries and still provide high quality, affordable beverages.

We’re pleased to say that over the years our tea and coffee sales have contributed more than $15million to producer communities. In addition we have provided more than $1million for development projects and support. This has resulted in improved livelihoods for hundreds of people in the tea and coffee communities we support. Whilst these are modest figures in multinational corporate terms, we’ve seen first hand the big difference that ethically oriented trade and well targeted resources can make.

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