Better than Fair

We know that a growing economy can be good for the poor – but it all depends on who is leading that growth, and how much they care about the poor.  Sometimes growth can do more harm than good. Likewise, trading with other countries can help an economy grow and the poor can benefit.  But it all depends on what kind of trade.

At Tradewinds we want to see economic development and trade that really do benefit the poor.  We believe that the key is with the integrity of those of us with the power – that’s us in rich countries. We need to use our power to benefit the powerless, those who are often disadvantaged and marginalised. 

But how can ordinary people like us really change trade?

We like to think of it as a quiet revolution – a revolution of relationships. Because, when we can put a name and a face to the person who grew our coffee or who picked our tea leaves, that is the first step to treating them with the dignity they deserve.  We quickly realise we share a common goal to make the world a better place, and we work together to change the way we do business, aiming always to work to the benefit of everyone involved.

"The injustices in conventional trade stem from the imbalances of power in the international negotiating table and supply chain. Small, disadvantaged producers are discriminated by large, influential players. The discrimination leaves many producers marginalised and unable to work their way out of poverty."

When we make choices which put relationships and people before profit, there really is a revolution in the hearts, minds and wallets of those of us who live in wealthy countries like Australia.  It brings us closer to our neighbours in East Timor and Sri Lanka, whose poverty can make it seem like they are in another world.

We don’t just want to sell quality, ethical tea and coffee; we want to be part of making trade better-than-fair.

Will you join us?