At your Office

  • At your Office

    We have bulk tea and coffee products to suit your office supply needs, at very competitive prices. You can browse and order through our Webshop, or Contact Us for a business discounts pricelist.

    Want a simple way to improve your corporate social responsibility? Buying our tea and coffee for your staffroom, means your company is supporting the world’s subsistence farmers. Just by giving your staff a fairtrade cuppa! Yes, it really is that simple because, you see, Tradewinds has been working since 1977 to improve people’s lives through improved trading relationships.

    If you’d like more information, just give us a call on 1300 755 228. Alternatively, complete our Wholesale Signup Form and we’ll get in touch to set up your account, and give you a discount offer based on the size of your orders.

    Want to order our products from your current office supplier? Get in touch and we’ll let you know what products they stock.