Who we are

Michael Finnane

Tradewinds Director

Michael first became interested in trade justice and the growing gap between rich and poor countries in the 1970s. He joined Tradewinds in 1977 and has been a director since 1982.  He visits Sri Lanka regularly and develops strong relationships with the organisations that Tradewinds supports. Over the years he has seen many children prosper thanks to the projects Tradewinds has supported, things like education and health care that we take for granted in Australia.

Sharon Jackson

Tradewinds Director

As the founder and director of recruitment company Jackson Recruitment Services, Sharon knows the importance of good work and fair pay. Sharon’s involvement with Tradewinds spans over 25 years, and she has been a member of the Board since the mid1990s. She is passionate about the quality of the Tradewinds tea and coffee and the real social change achieved through the projects Tradewinds supports. 

Matt Goodlet

Tradewinds Director

‘For me, Tradewinds represents a practical way of improving the imbalance of opportunity between developing and developed economies.’ Matt has been a board member since 2007. His insights about trade justice come from his business experience including as a partner in a global business consulting firm. His contribution to Tradewinds ensures we operate as an innovative and effective trade organisation. Matt sees Tradewinds’ role as not only sourcing and selling fairly traded tea and coffee, but also as active change agents in the making trade better than fair.  

Jenny Green

Tradewinds Director

Jenny has been a Tradewinds Director since 2011. She is the Academic Director at the National Judicial College of Australia and is an Independent Councillor on the City of Sydney. Jenny has extensive experience in adult education, project management and governance. Jenny is passionate about increasing the wellbeing of workers and their families at the tea estates through locally operated health and education based projects. Jenny has seen first hand how Tradewinds’ projects and tea purchases benefit the families who live and work on Sri Lanka’s tea estates.

Rowena Finnane

Tradewinds Director

Rowena is a long time shareholder of Tradewinds and joined the Board in 2009. She is a qualified lawyer and mediator and brings to the Board many years’ experience in policy development, strategic planning and governance. Rowena values the positive changes she has seen at the Idulgashinna tea estate and is impressed by the education and work opportunities that are opening up for the people who live and work there.

Brett Inder

Tradewinds Director

Brett has been involved with the fairtrade movement since 1999, helping launch the Fair Trade Association and fairtrade label in Aust. and NZ. He is a Professor at Monash University with an interest in development economics. Since 2010, Brett has been working on a series of projects related to coffee and poverty in Timor-Leste.  Coffee is the main income source for many poor Timorese. Brett is also researching the impact of poverty in Sri Lanka's tea plantations on child development. Brett holds a firm belief that change is possible, and this drives both his research agenda and his practical contributions to Tradewinds.

David Lloyd

Tradewinds Director

David joined the Board of Tradewinds in 2009 after several years collaborating with Tradewinds on our East Timor projects. David is currently working on research and training projects in East and West Timor, and PNG. David is an Associate Professor in Environmental Science and Engineering at Southern Cross University, NSW. He has worked extensively on on capacity building and community development projects in Australia and throughout the Pacific, particularly in relation to natural heritage management. David is loved by many in Timor Leste, fitting in like a local.

Fiona Morrison

Customer Experience Manager

Fiona has been working for Tradewinds since early 2013, after a long involvement as a volunteer. As well as being the voice on the phone and the person behind customer support, she manages marketing, partnerships and relationships.

With a background in education, Fiona is a passionate believer in empowerment through education, so she always takes the chance to let people know about how we can contribute to a better-than-fair future.

Jenny Inder

Adminstration and Book Keeping

Jenny has been involved with Tradewinds as a core volunteer for many years. She keeps the finances running smoothly, offering her book keeping services to Tradewinds as a volunteer. Jenny is a really nice person, and hates having to chase people for overdue invoices, so you’ll notice she’s always very friendly and polite! She’s a hands on person and is always willing to jump in and pack boxes, haul heavy cartons around, or redesign the warehouse shelving as needed.

Brett Inder

Operations Manager

Between time spent as a full-time academic researching development economics, being part of a busy neighbourhood community, and serving on the Tradewinds Board, Brett finds time to volunteer as Operations Manager for Tradewinds. He knows all the ins and outs of monitoring stock levels, importing tea and coffee, and managing the general operations of Tradewinds. His favourite task is working the forklift when new shipments arrive in the warehouse!

Carly Inder

Customer Service

Carly is in the customer service role, answering all your email and phone enquiries. When she’s not taking your calls, Carly is studying law at Monash University, with a particular interest in human rights, and is an active member in her community.

Chris and Barry

Volunteer packers

Chris and Barry have been volunteering with Tradewinds for about 8 years. Dedicated, cheerful and efficient, Chris and Barry pack your boxes for shipping each Monday and Thursday evening. From time to time they disappear for a while to travel our beautiful country and visit their tribe of children and grandchildren. Chris and Barry are motivated by a desire to give back to the community.

Katy Cornwell


Katy pops up all over the place helping keep Tradewinds running smoothly, from helping pack orders to fixing problems with the website, and then off in Timor-Leste supporting the coffee co-operative that produces our coffee. She has been a Tradewinds volunteer for more than 10 years.

Geoff Houldsworth

Volunteer Sales and Marketing

Geoff helps spread the word about Tradewinds among various shops and potential business customers. He brings his vast experience in marketing in the corporate world to bear in helping people discover our great tasting and ethical products.

Idulgashinna Tea Estate

Ceylon Organic Teas

We partner closely with the Idulgashinna Organic Bio-Tea Project in Sri Lanka, buying their organic teas and supporting their social development project. Gnana is the highly regarded manager at the estate. Idulgashinna's goals are producing clean, organic tea in a way that keeps land and people thriving and happy. Read more

Alter Trade Timor (ATT)

Timor-Leste Coffee

We partner closely with ATT in Timor-Leste because they are a small-holder farmer collective working at a grassroots level to improve the livelihoods of Timorese farmers. ATT is run by Evang, a Timorese manager, who is committed to working with the Ermera farmers in the collective. Read more


Timor-Leste Coffee

We've forged a strong partnership with WithOneBean who took over roasting our Timor-Leste coffee in 2014. WithOneBean is an xpand Foundation initiative who work extensively in Timor on a range of projects. WithOneBean roasts and packages our coffee for us and directs all profits back to their projects in Timor. It's exciting to be partnering with a new organisation with a shared vision for supporting Timor-Leste.

Rainbow Chai

Chai Teas

Our partnership with Rainbow Chai is only about a year old, prompted by our realisation that it made sense to work together. We're both 100% Australian organisations with a long history of bringing our favourite hot drinks to Australia in an ethical and sustainable way. And to top it off, the black tea in Rainbow Chai’s organic fairtrade chai is grown on the same wonderful organic tea estate in the highlands of Sri Lanka.

Kin Kin Tea

Herbal Teabags

We've been providing our customers with delicious Kin Kin herbal teas for many years. Moran Group herbs have been producing Kin Kin teas since 1982. Their philosophy is to provide the freshest, best quality herbal teas, freshly packed in the Noosa Hinterland. Where possible the herbs are certified organic and any herbs not grown onsite, are sourced from reputable ethical suppliers.

Southern Light Herbs

Herbal Leaf Teas

Southern Light Herbs in Victoria, have been growing organic herbs for over 30 years. We've been providing a number of herbal leaf teas to our customers for many years, inspired by Southern Light Herb's commitment to producing the highest quality herbs, using sustainable farming practices. Through their grower's network, Southern Light herbs supports others to learn the skills of effective organic farming.