Not part of a group yet? Click back to the Group Buyer's page to see if you might qualify to join as a Group Buyer.

Are you a member of an already existing group? Has your group co-ordinator given you all the details you need to order through the group? 

Here's how it works for Group Members

  1. You are invited to join a group by the group co-ordinator.
  2. The coordinator will give you the COUPON CODE which you need to order through the group and receive your free shipping. They'll also give you the Group Name, shipping address and email contact. It's important that you enter these details as part of your order and account.
  3. Order your tea and coffee at:  and follow the usual shopping cart process. When you get to the checkout, there are 3 really important steps:

  4. Enter our Coupon Code:
    Click “Apply Coupon Code” and you will get your 10% discount and free shipping.
  5. Enter our Group Shipping Address:
    “Step 2” in the Checkout says “Ship Order To”. Select “A different address” and enter our group address.
  6. Select Shipping Option:
    Select “Fixed Rate Shipping” (not “free pickup”). You then just pay and click “Confirm and Process Order” to finalise your order.
    NB: If you want to have a delivery sent directly to your home (at any time) you cannot use the Coupon Code and will have to pay for shipping for orders under $150.
  7. We will then send your order to your Group Address once your group’s order deadline has passed. Your Group Co-ordinator will contact you for collection.