Firstly, can we say thank you for joining the better-than-fair movement. We believe that genuine partnerships can be a great way to change trade for the better. It's easy to get started and we're always only a phone call or email away if you need us. You'll benefit from free postage for your goods, and every month we'll check your group's total spend and send you a rewards coupon to say thanks for your support. If you've already been buying Tradewinds for your group then life's just got a whole lot easier. Just get in touch and we'll send you everything you need.

As the group coordinator you'll be responsible for:

  1. Setting up the account
  2. Inviting members to join your group
  3. Setting the order cut off dates and monitoring member orders
  4. Distributing the products to members when they arrive
  5. Communicating directly with Tradewinds regarding any issues.

How to set up your Group

Step One - Sign Up for a Group Account

  • Click the Group Signup button below to set up your Group Account.
  • Enter your Future Log In details. These are for your own Tradewinds account. Members of your group will set up their own log in details. 
  • Enter the Group Information noting that:
  • Your name goes here as the primary contact person for your group.
  • ​Group Name should be easy to remember for ALL members of your group (keep it simple, short and obvious).
  • The address you put here is the address that ALL group members will use. This is where your orders will be delivered.

Step 2 - Account Confirmation

We will contact you to confirm your account details and to provide you with your group COUPON CODE.

Step 3 - Complete the Group Information Page

Download and complete this group information page. It will contain all the vital information group members need when they place an order.

Step 4 - Set an Order Cut-Off Date 

You can do this as a regular ongoing system (eg. the 1st day of every month/two months/three months). Or set a specific date every individual order cycle. 

Step 5 - Invite Members to Join your Group and Place An Order

Email your group to invite them to join. Provide them with the Group Information Page and tell them when the first group order deadline is. Email Tradewinds at to let us know what date you want us to process your group's orders for shipping to you.

How to keep your Group going smoothly

  1. Decide on how frequently you're going to order and communicate this with your members.
  2. Each time you're going to place a group order, let everyone know and give them 2 weeks before the deadline, so they can place their order online.
  3. Each time you want us to do a group order for you, please just email us your Group Name and the Date you want us to process your next order.
  4. Monitor group member's orders  (we give instructions to group members to add your email address to their account, so you should receive an email when they place an order).
  5. Let group members know when an order arrives so they can collect it. We will include all the separate invoices in your box so it'll be easy to sort the products into individual orders. Remember, people will have paid online when they ordered, so they should be motivated to get their goods.
  6. Keep in touch. Let us know if you have any issues, feedback or ideas and we'll support you in whatever ways we can.

Thank you. Your partnership means a lot to us.