Teas of Integrity Organic Green Tea - Fairtrade

Delicate and refreshing golden tea which is a source of protective anti-oxidants. This green tea is a biodynamically grown, single-origin tea, from Stassen's famed high country Idulgashinna plantation. The cool, slow ripening conditions of this region create the refined quality of this tea.

Teas of Integrity Producer Information

Idulgashinna Organic Bio Tea Estate – In 1987 this became the first certified organic tea garden in the world, and Tradewinds was proud to begin importing this unique tea, and provided additional support to the Idulgashinna social development project when it began in 1992.

The social development program at Idulgashinna continues to involve workers in all aspects of the management of the estate. This is raising the standard of living and improving education and health care. It is a radical departure from conditions on most tea estates, where there is a big gap between the management and workers, and where workers live in very basic conditions with poor access to education and health care.

We are now living in healthy houses with a healthy environment. Mrs WM Nirmala, Social Development Committee

Certification Status

  1. Fairtrade Certified
  2. NASAA Certified Organic
  3. Certified Pure Ceylon Tea

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Organic Green Tea - Fairtrade 2.5kg leaf (NB: new size)

Product Information

  • Country
    Sri Lanka
  • Region
    Uva Highlands
  • Producer Group
    Idulgashinna Tea Estate
  • Altitude
  • Variety
  • Processing
  • Drying
  • Tasting Notes
    Organic green tea. A delicate and refreshing golden tea.
  • Certification Status
    Fairtrade Certified; NASAA Certified Organic; Pure Ceylon Tea Certified
  • Donation Type
  • Tea Type
    Single Origin Green Tea
  • Leaf Grade
  • Ingredients
    100% organic green tea