Sri Lanka Visit 2015

Date Posted:1 March 2015 |   Author: Rowena Finnane |  

On our recent trip to Sri Lanka, we met these two preschool teachers at Idulgashinna. The woman on the left had been a tea picker when the project began. The social worker on the estate recognised her potential and supported her training to become a preschool teacher. You can understand the achievement when you realise that most people would not have been able to read and write when the project began. The woman on the right was the child of tea workers who was able to complete her education thanks to the project. Again, when she graduated and was thinking about what work she would do, her potential was recognised and she was invited to train as a preschool teacher for the estate. Both women were very enthusiastic and obviously knowledgeable. They teach the Sri Lankan national curriculum for preschools and showed us how they track the nutrition of the children.

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