Our Partners in Sri Lanka and in Timor-Leste are doing it tough these days.  Tea and Coffee producers are among the poorest and most vulnerable in the societies.  The most immediate challenge in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions is with food shortages.  

Through our Overseas Aid Fund, Tradewinds have been able to provide significant support to local partners to help them distribute food among the most needy rural communities.  Thanks for buying our tea and coffee - it makes a difference for these people!

Food Distribution among Tea Plantation workers in Sri Lanka ...

Better than fair

At Tradewinds we like to keep things simple. Labels and logos are all very well, but we’re far more interested in the facts:

  1. We put people before profits. We know our producer partners by name and respect their choices as if they were our own.
  2. We think laterally about business. If there’s a better way to benefit producers or structure agreements, we’ll give it a go.
  3. We’re ambitious: we commit to communities for the long haul, measuring our success in terms of social change, not shipments. 


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