You may have seen over the Easter weekend the news of severe floods in Timor-Leste that have killed dozens, destroyed homes and infrastructure.  On top of a recent rapid growth in cases of Corinavirus cases, things are very difficult in Timor-Leste right now.

We are in a position to provide rapid help for people on-the-ground through our long term relationships in Timor-Leste, via our coffee partners, The Corner Store Network food preserving activities, and WithOneSeed community forestry programs.  If you would like to donate, please do.  There is a "Product" for Emergency Flood Relief in our online store; just choose how many multiples of $10 you would like to donate, and you will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation (Choose "Free pick up from Clayton" to avoid being charged for shipping for your donation :).   We plan to get funds to Timor-Leste in just a couple of days, as it is urgently needed. 

Thanks too for buying our tea and coffee - it makes a difference for these people!


Better than fair

At Tradewinds we like to keep things simple. Labels and logos are all very well, but we’re far more interested in the facts:

  1. We put people before profits. We know our producer partners by name and respect their choices as if they were our own.
  2. We think laterally about business. If there’s a better way to benefit producers or structure agreements, we’ll give it a go.
  3. We’re ambitious: we commit to communities for the long haul, measuring our success in terms of social change, not shipments. 


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