Good news, our shipment of tea has arrived, and we are now well stocked in the various Sri Lankan Teas.  We will pack right up until 24th December if you want to get your order as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support - we will let you know early next year how things are going in Sri Lanka.  We are always in admiration of the tea plantation workers who make so much out of the little resources they have.


Better than fair

At Tradewinds we like to keep things simple. Labels and logos are all very well, but we’re far more interested in the facts:

  1. We put people before profits. We know our producer partners by name and respect their choices as if they were our own.
  2. We think laterally about business. If there’s a better way to benefit producers or structure agreements, we’ll give it a go.
  3. We’re ambitious: we commit to communities for the long haul, measuring our success in terms of social change, not shipments. 


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